Thought Leadership / Thought Partnership – A deeper discussion & brainstorming the WHY (i.e. Why change?) Any DE&I change needs to be carefully thought about, planned, and executed to ensure the goals are realistic and achievable.

  • Deeply listen to understand the environment
  • Conduct internal and external research to support the WHY
  • Design and document an ideal state
  • Develop a roadmap to show where you are and how to move forward
  • Develop a sustainability plan

*Webinars / Trainings

  • What is psychological safety and why is it important in the workplace? (beliefs and behaviors develop from your work experience)
  • My dimensions of diversity (understanding your own dimensions of diversity)
  • Does the gender pay gap really impact me?  (a current view and why it matters)

*Due to Covid19 and the increase use of video media platforms, webinars are typically 60 minutes unless requested to be longer.

All webinars can be turned into a ½ day workshop session (4 hours). In-person workshops will be provided when necessary and safe to do.


  • A 45-minute complimentary call is provided to better understand the specific needs and desired direction.
  • Pricing will be included at the time of a formal proposal due to the customized work based on the needs.