Hello, my name is Shawn Pelletier, I am a Gender Equity Consultant and a Certified Diversity Professional (NDCCDP).   My passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) came from a 28-year career working for global, multicultural, pharmaceutical companies.  I pivoted in my career to follow my passion and now I focus my energy by partnering with organizations to elevate their environment through a different lens.  My approach to this work integrates both theory and practical experience from being a department leader, manager of people, and integrator who designed and implemented global process changes.

My international experiences have amplified my versatility, situational leadership, and inclusive mindset which are invaluable for solving today’s business challenges in DE&I work.  I understand and have experienced the invisible barriers of gender bias inside and outside the workplace. I know the importance of culture and community, the strength of diversity, and the unlimited innovation that true inclusivity can cultivate.

I love to work with companies who recognize the business value of adopting or increasing their DE&I efforts.  Together, we can remove obstacles and implement necessary DE&I business actions to advance this work.  I am an experienced leader who easily connects with people and thrives by working collaboratively to solve important problems.  Please reach out, I would love to explore what’s possible.