Shawn Pelletier Contact Me Hello, my name is I am a Gender Equity Consultant and a Certified Diversity Professional (NDCCDP). I engage with companies who want to advance their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals.

I love helping people discover their own ah-ha moments!  When it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) work, I’ve found that the work is very much a personal journey.  Individuals and companies are on their own path and work at their own pace, yet they compare themselves to others, usually unfairly.

I love to share knowledge, problem solve and get creative about the possibilities.  I gain energy from working with people to find solutions that work for them.  My first career was in the pharmaceutical industry for 28 years where I gained first-hand experience in the beauty of diverse minds.  What makes me unique is I utilize my corporate operational experience and blend it with my passion for making the world a more equitable place.  My easy-going style makes this work less daunting, and I focus on what can be done to make positive small shifts.  My approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work is collaborative, fun, and educational.

I would be delighted to talk with you about challenges related to DE&I.  I believe when we partner to tackle problems, breakthroughs are possible.  Let’s change the equation together!



“I’ve attended a few of Shawn’s trainings and they have been informative and transformational. Shawn has a wonderful way of translating information so that it is digestible and can be acted upon – instead of just theoretical.  I was also very impressed with how she related current events (even things that happened in the news hours beforehand) to our topic so there were real world examples.”

Dan Sardilli, President of SPARC

(Surburban Professionals Achieving Real Change)


Hello, my name is Shawn Pelletier, I am a Gender Equity Consultant and a Certified Diversity Professional (NDCCDP).   My passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) came from a 28-year career working for global, multicultural, pharmaceutical companies.  I pivoted in my career to follow my passion and now I focus my energy by partnering with organizations to elevate their environment through a different lens.  My approach to this work integrates both theory and practical experience from being a department leader, manager of people, and integrator who designed and implemented global process changes.

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