Shawn Pelletier Contact Me Hello, my name is I am a Gender Equity Consultant. I engage with companies who want to achieve solid and sustainable gender equity practices.

Take a look at the clock tower, do you notice anything?  The two clocks represent a subtle difference, yet there is a difference.  It is normal to expect accurate time on all sides of the clock tower.  To me, this is analogous to men and women doing the same job with the same/similar skills, education and qualifications.  It’s logical to expect them to be paid the same yet that is not the case.  Having spent nearly thirty years in the pharmaceutical industry, I can tell you the gender pay gap is not openly talked about.  Largely because the problem is subtle, like the image of the two clocks.  In professional settings, it may be harder to see pay differences but it exists.  From my own personal experience, as well as the research I’ve done, the gender pay gap exists at all levels.


Hello, my name is Shawn Pelletier, I am a Gender Equity Consultant. I focus on companies who wish to change the equation within their workplace. Specifically, to identify and remove micro-inequities by changing attitudes, implementing actions, and developing policies that achieve gender equity in public and private sectors. I am an experienced global leader who easily connects with people, and thrives on working collaboratively to solve important problems.

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